Salmon fish in Sapa

Such fish which live exclusively in cold regions as Europe or America are already imported but only successfully used in Sapa. With bold flavor, high nutritional ingredients, pretty pink meat, salmon is among the most magnificent dishes for visitors visiting Sapa – Lao Cai. Sometimes, salmon isn’t just delicious by its flavor but also appealing by the notion as well as curiosity of tasting it previously.

With a great weather throughout the year round along with considered a cold winter season despite ice blankets, Sapa salmon is blessed to have meat that is fresh, no grease and firm muscles that is ideal for processing a variety of dishes. Probably the most visible are salmon warm planting containers, salmon salads, along with grilled salmon … In the cold of Sapa, having a glass of wildcat apple wine, enjoying a full-of-smoke salmon favorite pot together with early-foggy-covered wild veggies will be certainly an unforgettable moment for guests.

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