Hmong Apple Wine in Sapa

Lao Cai province is the best land to grow wild apple (H’Mong apple). H’Mong apple on Hoang Lien Son Mountain and it’s fruit keeps the flavors of forest and Lao Cai where people can find many special and typical kinds of wine such as San Lung in Bat Xat, Corn Wine in Bac Ha, Rice wine and especially, H’Mong Apple Wine in Sapa. H’Mong Apple Wine is made of H’Mong Apple with sugar, a type of wild apple. As the result, it has four main flavors such as sour, sweet, acrid and bitter.

The locals collect its fruits and create a special wine which no one can deny its taste. This is a common type of wine but no one can deny its unique taste. As H’Mong Apples have in themselves the essence of the forest, of the chilling wind, of the earth, and of the sunshine in the highland, they create the most unforgettable taste which is sour, sweet and bitter at the same time. The H’Mong Apples are soaked with water and kept covered for days before undergoing the fermentation process.

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