Bac Ha Sour Noodle

The not precisely sour soup originated from and also of the nation, but, with the majority of the highland cultural groups: Hmong, Dao, Tay, Nung cultural or perhaps accustomed to reside on the mountain statements like Thu Lao, Ha Nhi … sour soup is rustic, essential. Each time, she, the pulses of her beautiful in costumes that are colorful, swooping on sour soup, just as the males gathered around the wheels straight alcoholic beverages.

Resources for a bowl of sour soup of the uplands includes 6 main components: rice noodle, roasted peanut, soy ships, pickles yogurt, tomato, as well as eventually indispensable chili. Noodles aren’t ordinarily sold cakes shows up within the fair city, where dough is rolled as well as coated by hands, select area blusher grain, when coated finished items, crispy ensure, not too smooth not too hard. Often, water is taken out of the jar pickles and sour.

Nevertheless, the distinction is usually to acidic water, the sweet and graceful, pickles cat salt from veggies, growing veggies on the grill, sliced just about 50 % the size knuckles. Along with crushed roasted peanut, the raw material is also important within the bowl of sour soup will be the boat blow. Train soy that is prepared, soaked from soybean. For tasty tofu soybean ships, processing phases of upland folks very sophisticated and elaborate, from choosing beans, spice additions as well as processing of finished items undertake to many weeks. Cylinder head bowl blend together sour soup is deep golden brown as sugar, wing beans crushed as well as loaded scented water pile up. And lastly, the raw material essential for making the ideal noodle sample is sour chili sauce – will be the like of the highlands like chili peppers Bac Ha, ensure spicy with brilliant red.

In Lao Cai, wish to have a scrumptious sour soup, you with the town of Coc Ly, Muong Khuong or maybe Bac Ha White Plateau. To springtime, January relevance orange but still cool weather, go to the roadside small place services but smoke cigarettes, you are able to sit with diners Mongolia, the Tay known as a sour noodle bowl. Pick sour noodle bowl from her hand shop owners, customers are able to blend and now confident drinking crispy noodles, fragrant particles of the cylinder head, bold tastes and roasted peanut sour pickles, sniffed the spicy chili …


Not picky, visual luxury status, in addition to the month of the Mongolia, Guppy regions of the Giay, to today, sour noodles Muong Khuong, Bac Ha … began down the block on every festival, kept in the cult. So many people do not have the opportunity to highland wait each spring fair held every year to have the chance to enjoy the sour pho … Just that much, enough to confirm that: so

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